Frontier Fellowship at The EpicenterI spent 6 weeks in Green River Utah this fall in the tiny town of Green River, Utah. I worked on building an AM radio transmitter and applying for a low-power FM broadcast license, taught a weaving workshop, took a lot of pictures, and generally spent a lot of time working, thinking, and getting intrigued by the pros and cons of rural, small town life. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been in the USA!

www.sunsetfootclinicsign.comI made this site which is an accurate recreation of the Sunset Foot Clinic rotating sign on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Commonly known as “The Happy Foot Sad Foot Sign,” locals say that the sign has the power to predict the fate of your day, depending on which side you see first when you pass by. This piece was part of The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture.

The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. ArchitectureI produced this series of 20+ performances, workshops, and events over the course of the summer, as curated by Mark Allen of Machine Project. It was an epic undertaking, but very rewarding and highly educational. I learned a lot about LA an got to know some of its crazier nooks and crannies, and work with a ton of great artists. Please click through to the project pages to see videos of each performance. Field Guide was funded by a grant from the Getty Foundation, and was part of the larger initiative Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. A nice write up in the LA Weekly here.

FAT Public AccessAs part of FAT GOLD at Eyebeam in NYC, I organized an alternate A/V stream called FAT Public Access on which I hosted a series of performances, talks, lectures, and informal chats broadcast live from Eyebeam’s gallery space to the web. Please click through for video documentation and reflections on each of the speakers. Good times!


View SourceI made a new piece called View Source which was included in 404 Not Found at Sur la Montagne in Berlin. The piece was a combination computer script/webcam/performance/sculpture/HP Printer/proprietary print-from-email software.

New Double Happiness piece ‘Untitled’Double Happiness made a new online work for the show Public Access, a ‘speed show’ in London. It was fun to collaborate with the boys again, it had been some time since we made something together. Make sure you scroll down, and keep scrolling…

BYOB L.A.I had a piece in this ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ show at MOCA L.A., which happened at the same time as a free Diplo show outside

Guest DJ set on KCHUNGI met George in a record store, and hung out until he invited me to come do a guest DJ set on his show, CDS Digest 😉


Slow Jam guest DJ set on A Downtown Affairon my alma mater, WNYU, with Mike McGill and Tackleberry

Germanic NewishMix inspired by Kosmische Musik and proto-new age themes

New Age ProblemsMy first solo show (ever!) at The Pigeon Wing gallery in London.

MicrofortnightI had a print in this group show curated by Ben Sisto at the Public Assembly Loft in Williamsburg.


Live at Home vol. 31A mix that I made for the Live at Home series for Fully Fitted. I’m honored to be a part of this mix series – so many heavyweight DJs!

Eyebeam MixerSome pics from a show at Eyebeam that Ghostdad & I did visuals for – feat. Rev. Shines, Extreme Animals, and Dam Funk

Speed Show vol. 4 – Super NicheA group show curated by Aram Bartholl at an internet cafe in Chinatown, NY, featuring Double Happiness doing some ‘live surfing’

Awesome New PlaceMy new radio show on WFMU. (2010 – 2011)

3 Hours in 1 SecondA group show I was in in which net artists were asked to curate videos using a simple grid display tool. Suffers from link rot somewhat, but still cool. Organized by Robert Sakrowski

Shred Masters, Eyebeam Atelier, NY – A video of a guitar shredding competition / performance / spectacle that I produced for Mixer: Olympiad at Eyebeam.


XMIX 2009My 2009 mix for FATLAB’s annual year-end mix roundup.

Wine CoolersA mix CD of midtempo and downbeat 1980s r&b.

Younger Than Jesus: Artist DirectoryDouble Happiness was included in the Artist Directory publication that came out in conjunction the New Museum show The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.

Gift Horse, Charlie Horse Gallery, NY – Pictures from a group show that included my Awesome New Place Print

Forms of MelancholyA video walk-through from a show curated by Chris Coy at the Sego Art Center in Utah. Chris invited a number of artists to create new works for objects on CafePress.com, and then curated a show from the results. Includes my Inflatables Zine.

Readymade or Not: Redefining the Readymade, Video Gallery, NY – Pics from another group show at Video Gallery, includes my piece Art Joke, which another artist in the show, Kevin Regan, bought for forty bucks. My first sold work?

Paws With Claws II, Video Gallery, NY, with Double Happiness – Pics from a group show at Video Gallery, including a new Double Happiness sculpture / interactive piece Party Tray+


XMIX 2008My 2008 mix for FATLAB’s annual year-end mix roundup

Broken Tape DecksI did a special guest show on Marty McSorley’s program on WFMU 91.1 FM, Jersey City NJ where we played only found / thrift store cassettes.

Touch Not My AnointedPics of Double Happiness’ first ever offline piece, the massive installation Touch Not My Anointed, in the group show New Blood at Vertexlist, in Brooklyn NY.

Screenshots from The Computer Chronicles (resized and cropped), Add-Art.orgMy “solo show” for the Add-Art Firefox plugin, which replaces online ads with art.

C-Town Echolocation @ Conflux Festival, NY A presentation / performance about C Town with Jeff Sisson, for the Conflux Festival


XMIX 2007My 2007 mix for FATLAB’s annual year-end mix roundup

The Jump-Off Street Beat mixtapeA mixtape I made with Mike McGill

The Great Internet Sleepover – A meetup/chill sesh/hang/loose discussion/game show night/public web surf fest/green screen party/all-nighter at Eyebeam Atelier, NY