This Guy Put 39 Different Songs Onto One CD And It Sounds Amazingly Awesome

I am excited to have contributed a new mix to Eric Laska’s expertly curated site, Lateral Addition. In a way this mix is a an attempt to represent “the sound of Media Consumption Today,” and I reflect a bit more on that in the text that accompanies the piece. I’ve copied it below, along with a track list. Direct download here.


While I still buy records and tapes, increasingly for me, the time I spend Listening To Music has become a part of the more general act of Media Consumption, which is largely grouped under the heading Time Spent on the Computer. There is a permissiveness to mixing content in the new culture of sitting on your couch with your laptop, making your own entertainment. The flatness of more access means we listen to more disjointed content all the time, and has created a feeling of normalcy around collage. “Everyone is a DJ.”

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Writing for Artbound

I recently wrote series of articles for Artbound, the arts and culture outlet of L.A. public television station KCET, in preparation for an episode of their show about The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture. The articles were edited largely from interviews that I conducted with the artists last summer when I was producing the project, and include a lot of fun details about the inspiration for and making of each piece.

Links here:
Jmy James Kidd and the Sunland Dancers on Flat Top Hill
17 Weird Pool Performances Your Swim Coach Doesn’t Want You To Know About
Jacqueline Gordon’s L.A. Food Center Soundscapes
The HafoSafo Chorus and the Sunset Foot Clinic Sign Online
Cliff Hengst’s Semi-Fictionalized, Drag Double-Decker Bus Tour
Sara Roberts’ Clump and Whistle

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