Live on KCHUNG Los Angeles

Hey all, greetings from Los Angeles.


I will be doing a guest set tonight on KCHUNG, broadcasting on 1630AM straight out of Chinatown. DJ Egroeg was kind enough to extend an invite to his program CDS Digest, which airs from 9-11pm.
I’ve been working in the trippy ethnic Disneyland that is LA’s Chinatown since I relocated here late last year, and I’ve heard many good things about it’s little homegrown basement-level AM transmitter, nestled in amongst the first generation tchotchke distros and second wave art galleries.

I’m excited to spend my first time DJing out here at a noteworthy local institution, plus my record collection arrived on it’s pallet only a few weeks ago, meaning its high time for some cathartic release.

Stream KCHUNG here.

—— UPDATE ——–
download the archived show here
Track list below: (more…)

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Good things from 2011 together in a list


Volume Pops Pro – Jeff Sisson’s amazing solution/adaptation/plugin for the universal volume pop shame problem

Champale Podcast – Back when, I introduced Willy and Marko to each other, in part because they were my go-to guys for finding out about new raps. Now they do an amazing, overly analytical rap podcast together with great guests, just in time for me to have moved out of New York and absorb their comedy, wisdom, and slaps via iTunes. If only I could so deftly curate my other friends into personal broadcasting about our common interests I’d be set…

DJ Filetype SWF live on Awesome New Place – A 2+ hour DJ set consisting entirely of embedded flash music on websites, mixed in real time in tabs in Chrome by DJ Filetype SWF aka Joel Holmberg live on my radio show. Legendary & groundbreaking

Free Music Archive and Vimeo team up – When I started volunteering at WFMU, one of the first things I worked on was the Free Music Archive, and once Jason Sigel explained the aims of the project to me, one of the first things that I thought was that a big archive of Creative Commons music could be a huge boon for the always-growing world of online video content, as the UMC takedowns have become all too familiar across YouTube. I told Jason I knew some people at Vimeo, made some introductions, and wrote a few blog posts. I’m not very involved with the FMA any more but I’m really happy to see that an idea I set into motion has come to fruition.

Jamming with Critter and Guitari and Javelin and other friends at the Experimental Television Center (RIP). I wish that there was something for me to link to, but nothing has been digitized.

VHX.tv goes public [beta] – Jamie Wilkinson &co launch best site to watch online video, imho. I have talked to Jamie for a few years as different iterations of this project have been in the works, from like “wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website that…” to the super-slick-yet-I-guess-not-even-finished site they have today.

My show ‘New Age Problems’ at The Pigeon Wing in London – super fun, and with enough lead time that I got to make a variety of new pieces, it all came out looking pretty good. Was great to spend some time in London and see some old friends, catch some great weather, and show at an art gallery that also included a free bed and kitchen.

Helping mount Cory Arcangel’s show Pro Tools at the Whitney Museum – lots of hard work, but super fun! Proud to have worked on something so high profile in NY before I left.

Seeing Christian Marclay’s The Clock – sat and watched for like 2 hours, totally awesome work. 🙂

Bicycling around western Massachusetts in september, so beautiful.


video finds:



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A Downtown Affair – tonight – 100% Slow Jams

I will be returning to my one-time digs at WNYU tonight for a special Quiet Storm episode of A Downtown Affair, tonight from 10:30pm – 1am, hosted by my longtime discofriends Tackleberry & Mike McGill.

Tune in to 89.1fm in the tri-state area, or the web stream anywhere else.

Though ADA has a rock solid disco / boogie / modern soul format, we were inspired to do this 100% slow jams episode in part by the last time I was on the show, when Tackleberry, Mike, myself, and our other discofriend Josh Dunn hit a collective nerve when we pulled out all our mellow jams and ballads for a collaborative last set. Review my mix Wine Coolers from 2009 for more context for tonight, and certainly we’ll hear some tracks that are on the perpetually-forestalled follow up to that one.

Sit back and relax. 🙂

UPDATE: The archived show is here, or direct download; Part 1, Part 2.

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Germanic Newish


Stream | Download

When Josh Dunn came to do a guest set last year on Awesome New Place, he pulled Manual Gottsching’s E2-E4 (1984) out of the record library walls, and recounted to me how Finland’s DJ Anonymous used the record to pre-heat parties, letting Side B play out it’s proto-techno while he set up his second turntable, went to the bathroom, smoked a cigarette, got a drink, and settled into the booth for the rest of the evening.

Learning more about Gottsching was the real genesis of this mix, the impetus to finally listen to Ash Ra Tempel and the nucleus of other mainstay Krautrock bands that I had known were influential, but beyond that, hadn’t really known at all. After a glut of Kraut downloading and record library perusing, I definitely gravitated towards the albums like Zuckerzeit (1974) and Music von Harmonia (1974) that pivoted from the noodling rock band format towards synths, pop, and the ‘Kosmische’ vibe.

When I interviewed Ashra percussionist Harald Grosskopf and his collaborator Axel Heilhecker on Awesome New Place, right out the gate they name checked Mickey Hart and spoke about how kosmische musik was essentially their generation’s attempt at complete, formless, utopian free expression. But the 90s saw their albums reissued on CD with ‘New Age Music!’ stickers on the shrink and their honest hopes for enlightenment redirected towards the mass market for self improvement via a number of vaguely spiritual consumption practices; diets, mellow breathing exercises, Enya soundscapes, pastoral meditation retreats, candles, crystals, rainforest/ocean sounds sleeping aids, etc.

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Pics from New Age Problems

Pictures from my show New Age Problems at The Pigeon wing are up here. The show is up til May 28th and the gallery is open Fri – Sun, 12 – 5.

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New Age Problems at The Pigeon Wing


I’m excited to announce that I have I show opening up on Friday May 6th at The Pigeon Wing gallery in London! It’s my first solo show, and there is lot of new work to be seen. The show features a few new prints, an audio broadcast, a zine, and an old video piece… something for everybody. It was a great challenge getting everything together and I’m excited to share. For fun (and a little added promo) I’ll be DJing at Catch bar on Kingsland road the night before the opening. The show is up from May 6th – May 28th, don’t miss it!

New Age Problems
Opening Friday May 6th 2011, 6:30 – 9pm (facebook)
at The Pigeon Wing
Top Floor (front),
Guild House Rollins Street
SE15 1EP

Bennett4Senate DJing @ Catch
Thursday May 5th 2011, 8-10pm (facebook)
22 Kingsland Road
E2 8DA

(p.s. keep an eye on this space for pictures from the show, and read on for the full press release..) (more…)

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Microfortnight – 3.30.11

I have a new print in the show Microfortnight, which opens this Wednesday, March 3rd. The show was organized by Ben Sisto of LQQK Fine Arts, for a new space in Williamsburg. Please come by if you’re around! A fun theme and a cool group of artists.

Wednesday Evening, March 30th 2011
07:00 PM Exhibition / 10:26 PM After Party
70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn
“Please use the metal door covered in stickers”

Ben Sez:

“The Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight (FFF) system is a “set of units that uses impractical measurements not seriously deemed suitable for scientific or engineering use”. The fundamental unit of time in the FFF system, the microfortnight, is equivalent to 1.2096 seconds (two weeks = 1,209,600 seconds). As a fortnight spans 14 days and the word microfortnight itself contains 14 characters, LQQK reasoned that if we were to organize an art exhibition titled Microfortnight, it should be comprised of 14 artists who’s names can be displayed in 14 characters and last three-hours and twenty six minutes (14×14 / 60).”

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SFC Conference 2011

I will be speaking on a panel about “Remix culture, music, and the arts” this weekend at the 2011 Students for Free Culture Conference here in NYC.

Also on the panel will be Ben Sisto, Laurel Halo, DJ Ghostdad, and Games (the musicians), all moderated by Aram Sinnreich. A cool mix of musicians and artists, and definitely internet power users one and all. Full program for the weekend here.

I’m pretty psyched for this because my artwork, money work, and volunteer work are spread across a lot of different outlets, too many blogs/twitters/facebooks/DJ nights to draw a though-line, basically. But then Kevin Driscoll wrote to me and said that “My goal is to bring together folks who work across boundaries and can talk comparatively about multiple modes of making: cutting up videos, DJing, writing code, etc.” So for the first time I feel really qualified!

I’ll try to speak about my history with GRL and FAT, web appropriation on Double Happiness and in my own work, and music efforts of WFMU and the Free Music Archive. So much panel, so little time! 😀

2011 Students for Free Culture Conference
‘Remix culture, music, and the arts’ panel
Saturday Feb. 19th 2011, 10am – 11:20am
Cost: Pay What You Want
at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University
251 Mercer St, New York NY 10012.

UPDATE: Video of panel here: http://livestre.am/D5KC 🙂

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Hello and welcome to my website.

Hello reader. Welcome to my website bennettwilliamson.com.

So last year, come New Years, I was unemployed. Not one to usually make resolutions, I decided that a little structure and self-induced deadlines couldn’t hurt, so I resolved that in 2010 I would redo my website. My old site, codeblooded.net, was in essence just a static page with links to other places on the web that I was actually updating – youtube accounts, facebook, flickr, twitter, etc. It also linked to blogs like Doublehappiness and FATLAB where I occasionally posted original content – blog posts in the form of net art or little open source projects. The problem, I thought, was that I was making artwork in many different forums but had no central place where people could follow the narrative of my work.

Of course it was also a way for me to begin creating that narrative in the first place. I figured having a central site would force me to look at what the hell is going on in my life, and keep it moving, whatever IT may be. It also might be a way to, you know, get a job or some art shows or something.

So yeah here we are just over into 2011, and obviously you’re here reading this, so I done did it. Sure there are some gaps left on the site if you poke around deep enough, but lets just say for the sake of completion that this post marks the move from Beta to Done. Thanks to Jeff for helping me over the hump when I hit my limits of css and php knowledge (and caring), and thanks to Cory for all the pointers throughout and letting me rip off a lot of things that I liked about his site.

Riding on the success of last year, I’m making another resolution this year – to use this thing that I have built. One thing that was in the back of my mind around this time last year was that I could use a site in my name as a forum for writing, speculation, general meandering thoughts about web culture, music, art, any goddamn thing that I want. The prospect of doing that is, of course, terrifying. But now that I have my own site which presumably no one looks at, I’m free to do it. I’m pretty sure that I want to.

I figure the point of having my own website it to make it more than an Announcements page for whatever recent art project I’ve got – it can also be the place that I turn to try to flesh out working ideas that might lead to bigger and badder projects. So here’s to trying.

Happy New Year. Welcome To My Website.

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