Microfortnight – 3.30.11

I have a new print in the show Microfortnight, which opens this Wednesday, March 3rd. The show was organized by Ben Sisto of LQQK Fine Arts, for a new space in Williamsburg. Please come by if you’re around! A fun theme and a cool group of artists.

Wednesday Evening, March 30th 2011
07:00 PM Exhibition / 10:26 PM After Party
70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn
“Please use the metal door covered in stickers”

Ben Sez:

“The Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight (FFF) system is a “set of units that uses impractical measurements not seriously deemed suitable for scientific or engineering use”. The fundamental unit of time in the FFF system, the microfortnight, is equivalent to 1.2096 seconds (two weeks = 1,209,600 seconds). As a fortnight spans 14 days and the word microfortnight itself contains 14 characters, LQQK reasoned that if we were to organize an art exhibition titled Microfortnight, it should be comprised of 14 artists who’s names can be displayed in 14 characters and last three-hours and twenty six minutes (14×14 / 60).”

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SFC Conference 2011

I will be speaking on a panel about “Remix culture, music, and the arts” this weekend at the 2011 Students for Free Culture Conference here in NYC.

Also on the panel will be Ben Sisto, Laurel Halo, DJ Ghostdad, and Games (the musicians), all moderated by Aram Sinnreich. A cool mix of musicians and artists, and definitely internet power users one and all. Full program for the weekend here.

I’m pretty psyched for this because my artwork, money work, and volunteer work are spread across a lot of different outlets, too many blogs/twitters/facebooks/DJ nights to draw a though-line, basically. But then Kevin Driscoll wrote to me and said that “My goal is to bring together folks who work across boundaries and can talk comparatively about multiple modes of making: cutting up videos, DJing, writing code, etc.” So for the first time I feel really qualified!

I’ll try to speak about my history with GRL and FAT, web appropriation on Double Happiness and in my own work, and music efforts of WFMU and the Free Music Archive. So much panel, so little time! 😀

2011 Students for Free Culture Conference
‘Remix culture, music, and the arts’ panel
Saturday Feb. 19th 2011, 10am – 11:20am
Cost: Pay What You Want
at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University
251 Mercer St, New York NY 10012.

UPDATE: Video of panel here: http://livestre.am/D5KC 🙂

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Eyebeam Mixer September: Pics

Here’s a few pictures (courtesy of Eyebeam) from the Mixer performance at Eyebeam from September.


DJ Ghostdad and myself provided live visuals on the big three-screen background for Dam Funk and DJ Reverend Shines’ sets. We used Dadeo, a “single channel video switcher/distorter/pixelator w/ midi, osc, and wiimote control” built in Jitter by Ghostdad himself. (Keep an eye on this space as Dadeo will go public (once G-dad has time to finish it foreal ;).) Ghostdad on the WiiMote, me on the Midi Fighter.


Videos included lots of rare YouTube digs, lots of not-so rare YouTube digs, and a couple of new animations that I made in Google Sketchup just for the show.




Thanks as always to Paul Amitai for organizing, and all the performers – Rev. Shines, Dam Funk, and Extreme Animals (who provided their own visuals for a trippy / amazing journey of a set that definitely resonated with my own New Age Syndrome.)
Lots more pics on Eyebeam’s Flickr.

(p.s. I did the flyer illustration too!!!)


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Speed Show vol. 4 – ‘Super Niche’

Real quick – Aram Bartholl of FATLAB has brought the speed show format to NYC – taking over an internet cafe for a one-night show of online artwork. The show is tonight from 8-11pm, at 90 Bowery Internet Cafe, NY 10013. facebook here http://on.fb.me/cjevSi.

I’ll be there with Double Happiness, doing some live surfing and posting. The list of participating artists is thick – check it:
Erik Andersson, Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Charles Broskoski, Jon Cates, Aleksandra Domanovic, Double Happiness, Constant Dullaart, JODI, JK Keller, Greg Leuch, Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied, Duncan Malashock, Eva & Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, Aaron Meyers, Mark Napier, Katja Novitskova, Paper Rad, Jon Rafman, Ariel Rebel, Ryder Ripps, Evan Roth, Brad Troemel, Marius Watz

Was good to see a lot of these folks at the opening for Free at the New Museum, look forward to hanging out again. I’ll post some pics here after the show.

RECAP: – (official recap on FFFFFAT)
Here’s the post that we made for the show. The computer that we were designated to work on was ll in Chinese, and didn’t have Firefox, only IE. So one of the hardest parts was getting the raw image URLs because I had no idea what any of the right-click menu choices said. I tried all of them eventually, but nothing seemed to work.
Anyways, we persevered – Jeff sat next to me and worked on the post concurrently, but that meant that someone’s artwork was getting bogarted by us, since each work was assigned its own station. You do really need multiple computers for the true DH Live Blog experience I think…
Shoutouts to Joel Holmberg who came and sat with us for a while, good vibes.

SPEED SHOW vol.4 : Super Niche - NYCSPEED SHOW vol.4 : Super Niche - NYCSPEED SHOW vol.4 : Super Niche - NYC

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WFMU Record Fair

The 2010 WFMU record fair starts today!! If you’re a reasonable distance from Manhattan, and looking for vinyl, it’s worth your trip. Sure, its a chance to lay out your cash for “nice pieces,” but the dollar bins are stellar too. I was pretty broke last year but still had a great time. Yes, record dealers are a strange breed, but there are so many in one place for this event that chances are you can find some who are decent conversationalists and will put you up on good records. Networking is free baby!

I’ll be setting the mood on Sunday, DJing in-house from 11:30 – 2pm, playing themes for sore hunched backs and music to crouch over milk crates by. If you get tired of bargaining, come vent with me – I’ll be volunteering at the LP destruction / collage area the rest of the day.

All record fair info at http://www.wfmu.org/recfair/.

As a way of promoting the Record Fair, pretty much all the DJs at the station, myself included, play only 7″s in the week preceding. Check out my playlist here: http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/37772

Also of note, I joined Marty McSorley on Trent’s show for the third annual 45s and 40z, three hours of irresponsible radio this year packed into just one hour, celebrating malted beverages and Trent’s inability to drink fast, and testing our ability to censor ourselves saying the kind of things that we’re not going to remember saying in the first place.

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FineLine 4.24.10

Fineline 4.24.10
Yo I’m DJing Saturday night.

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C Town Echolocation in the Conflux Festival


C Town Echolocation is an ongoing research project by myself and Jeff Sisson about the NYC-area supermarket chain, C Town. The project’s aim is to create new signifiers for supermarket phenomena, and dissect the underlying typology of C-town supermarkets in general. It is a platform to discuss our fascination with and theories about design, desire, and intention in supermarkets. See also http://www.ilikenicethings.com/ctown/.

For Conflux 2008, we gave a presentation of our findings and a walking tour of a Williamsburg C-Town.


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