House of Everything and More in El Paso

Greetings from El Paso, Texas. I’m here as a visiting artist at CUADRO, a new art space supported by the University of Texas El Paso. So new, in fact, that there is no website to link to! The space is empty, we’ve got keys, we’re working on getting tables, chairs, internet, so we can start working in the space. We (me and Nicole Lavelle) are working with local artists to produce/curate performances, interactive works, and workshops, and do some events of our own. Will post updates as we have them!

– If you are in El Paso, the events will be taking place next weekend, October 10-12, during Chalk the Block weekend. CUADRO is at 210 N. Stanton St., next to House of Pizza. Details on events forthcoming on the forthcoming website.

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Summer House & New Weaving

I participated in Summer House last week, a show curated by Nicole Lavelle at her family’s house in the woods of Lagunitas, CA. It was a fun mix of an art show, performances and readings, creative hangout BBQ session, local explorations, and camping, that stretched for a week in between two Saturdays when the house was open to the public.

For my piece I wove a hammock on site, using an enlarged and modified backstrap loom, and including fabric that people donated. Pics below.

The finished product:

Getting started at home:

Took a walk up to the spillway and did some sunset jams:

Shared from better-space

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‘Coolest Sound Ever’ and Other Search Terms

Back in August 2013, I curated and hosted this short screening of Youtube videos at Machine Project in Los Angeles. From their site:

Bennett will present and lightly host ‘Coolest Sound Ever’ and Other Search Terms, a short mix of found YouTube videos that documents humanity’s numerous and mildly successful attempts to capture auditory phenomena on consumer grade video equipment and cell phones. From the mountains to the valleys, from the gongs to the Disney cruise horns, from the air raid siren enthusiasts to the castle cistern free jazz, this mix brings us close listening for the short attention span.

This event is part of Machine Project’s All-Echo Weekend, as part of the Echo Park Rising festival.

Here is that same set of videos as a Youtube playlist. (At the time of the original screening, none of these videos had ads on them. Since then some have been added.)

Other search terms include gong, organ, echo, noise, siren, horn, horn battle, yelling, reverb, and chanting.

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F.A.T. Public Access at FAT GOLD

F.A.T. GOLD @eybeam - YOUR ART!! party

Last week during FAT GOLD, I organized an alternate A/V stream called FAT Public Access on which I hosted a series of performances, talks, lectures, and informal chats broadcast live from Eyebeam’s gallery space to the web. It’s rare that FATLAB gets together in person, and I wanted to capture some of the energy & dialogue that pours forth when we do. I also wanted to use our show (and Eyebeam’s equipment!) as a platform to present the work of artists, librarians, curators, musicians, researchers, and friends whose projects dovetail with the values and themes of FATLAB.

It was fun to play host whether facing an audience or just the reverb of the empty gallery space. While doing a public access show live meant I spent most of the week trapped at Eyebeam, it had the side effect of making lots of my friends come to me, so many many thanks to those that attended & performed. Hopefully this documentation is a window into the action for FAT members and international audience not in attendance.

Big thanks to the Eyebeam staff, curator Lindsay Howard, and all the FAT homies.

If you can’t hang with the real deal 4:3 flv video quality (#2013), I also have provided the audio separately for radio-style enjoyment. Click through for the full list!


Talking Fidonet w/ Kevin Driscoll

Kevin Driscoll joined us from Los Angeles via Skype to discuss Fidonet and other salient topics surrounding his dissertation Hobbyist inter-networking and the popular internet imaginary: Forgotten histories of networked personal computing, 1977-1997. We talk about looking at the ‘people’s history’ of the web and communication technologies as a way to provide the backbone in arguments for user-driven infrastructure in today’s conglomerated networks, duh! MP3

Jamming with Critter & Guitari

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 9.47.58 PM
Brooklyn-based synth makers Critter & Guitari, nee Chris Kucinski & Owen Osborn, talk briefly about how they manage their fun project that turned into a business, and then jam profusely on Kaleidoloops, Bolsa Basses, Pocket Pianos and other #rare homemade junk, with some friends along for the ride. MP3


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A new digital transfer of my piece Salute (FMF_2010.05.25) is included in this inaugural show at ARTHALL in West Philly, the awesome new basement home of Dear Memo magazine/blog. The show was put together by my man Gil Gentile and the homey Thomas. If you are in Philly please check it out and send me a pic! Shouts out to Nam Jun Paik.

TV Garden
Opens Sat Nov. 10, 2012 @ 8pm
637 South 49th St., Philadelphia PA 19143

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View Source in Berlin

Hey I will be showing a new work, View Source, which is a combination computer script/webcam/performance/HP Printer, in a show called 404 Not Found in Berlin, this weekend only!

The show is part of Berlin Art Link‘s Day and Night series, and has some other great artists in it. I’m stoked to be a part of it “remotely,” but if you are at the show you’ll be able to take home a piece of (my) work.

404 Not Found
Vernissage: Friday, June 8, 7-11pm
Open Saturday June 9, 12-5pm
Sur la Montagne, Torstrasse 170, Berlin

**AFTER PARTY at bar KIM (Brunnenstrasse 10) from 11pm onwards: http://www.kim-in-berlin.com/

from the press release:
“To an Internet artist, the gallery often presents an inconvenience rather than an opportunity. They are asked to artificially amend their work so that it appears more lofty or meaningful than “just another YouTube video.” Projectors take the place of monitors, screenshots replace active webpages, and the inherent interactivity of the work is removed because we are told to “please step away from the art.” As is the case with most meaningful movements in art, the institutions that exist to elevate the most cutting edge work are often unprepared to accommodate the uniqueness of the new medium. 404 Not Found addresses several different ways tech artists interact with space – none of which include modifying the work for its physical presentation in a room.”

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New work at BYOB MOCA LA

Hey all, short notice – I will be showing some new work tonight at the Bring Your Own Beamer show that is part of Transmission L.A. (curated by Mike D). There is a whole grip of LA artists taking part, it should be awesome.

Unfortunately, since Diplo is playing a show at MOCA at the same time, you need a ticket to get in. And those tickets are sold out.

Hope to see you there. But I’ll get some pics just in case 😉

Sat May 5 2012
at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 N Central Ave Los Angeles CA 90013

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Live on KCHUNG Los Angeles

Hey all, greetings from Los Angeles.


I will be doing a guest set tonight on KCHUNG, broadcasting on 1630AM straight out of Chinatown. DJ Egroeg was kind enough to extend an invite to his program CDS Digest, which airs from 9-11pm.
I’ve been working in the trippy ethnic Disneyland that is LA’s Chinatown since I relocated here late last year, and I’ve heard many good things about it’s little homegrown basement-level AM transmitter, nestled in amongst the first generation tchotchke distros and second wave art galleries.

I’m excited to spend my first time DJing out here at a noteworthy local institution, plus my record collection arrived on it’s pallet only a few weeks ago, meaning its high time for some cathartic release.

Stream KCHUNG here.

—— UPDATE ——–
download the archived show here
Track list below: (more…)

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A Downtown Affair – tonight – 100% Slow Jams

I will be returning to my one-time digs at WNYU tonight for a special Quiet Storm episode of A Downtown Affair, tonight from 10:30pm – 1am, hosted by my longtime discofriends Tackleberry & Mike McGill.

Tune in to 89.1fm in the tri-state area, or the web stream anywhere else.

Though ADA has a rock solid disco / boogie / modern soul format, we were inspired to do this 100% slow jams episode in part by the last time I was on the show, when Tackleberry, Mike, myself, and our other discofriend Josh Dunn hit a collective nerve when we pulled out all our mellow jams and ballads for a collaborative last set. Review my mix Wine Coolers from 2009 for more context for tonight, and certainly we’ll hear some tracks that are on the perpetually-forestalled follow up to that one.

Sit back and relax. 🙂

UPDATE: The archived show is here, or direct download; Part 1, Part 2.

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New Age Problems at The Pigeon Wing


I’m excited to announce that I have I show opening up on Friday May 6th at The Pigeon Wing gallery in London! It’s my first solo show, and there is lot of new work to be seen. The show features a few new prints, an audio broadcast, a zine, and an old video piece… something for everybody. It was a great challenge getting everything together and I’m excited to share. For fun (and a little added promo) I’ll be DJing at Catch bar on Kingsland road the night before the opening. The show is up from May 6th – May 28th, don’t miss it!

New Age Problems
Opening Friday May 6th 2011, 6:30 – 9pm (facebook)
at The Pigeon Wing
Top Floor (front),
Guild House Rollins Street
SE15 1EP

Bennett4Senate DJing @ Catch
Thursday May 5th 2011, 8-10pm (facebook)
22 Kingsland Road
E2 8DA

(p.s. keep an eye on this space for pictures from the show, and read on for the full press release..) (more…)

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