View Source in Berlin

Hey I will be showing a new work, View Source, which is a combination computer script/webcam/performance/HP Printer, in a show called 404 Not Found in Berlin, this weekend only!

The show is part of Berlin Art Link‘s Day and Night series, and has some other great artists in it. I’m stoked to be a part of it “remotely,” but if you are at the show you’ll be able to take home a piece of (my) work.

404 Not Found
Vernissage: Friday, June 8, 7-11pm
Open Saturday June 9, 12-5pm
Sur la Montagne, Torstrasse 170, Berlin

**AFTER PARTY at bar KIM (Brunnenstrasse 10) from 11pm onwards: http://www.kim-in-berlin.com/

from the press release:
“To an Internet artist, the gallery often presents an inconvenience rather than an opportunity. They are asked to artificially amend their work so that it appears more lofty or meaningful than “just another YouTube video.” Projectors take the place of monitors, screenshots replace active webpages, and the inherent interactivity of the work is removed because we are told to “please step away from the art.” As is the case with most meaningful movements in art, the institutions that exist to elevate the most cutting edge work are often unprepared to accommodate the uniqueness of the new medium. 404 Not Found addresses several different ways tech artists interact with space – none of which include modifying the work for its physical presentation in a room.”

Art,Events,Main @ 11:42 pm June 7, 2012