BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) @ MOCA L.A. (2012)

I was invited to participate in a BYOB show at MOCA in Los Angeles. I showed a new, as yet untitled work, based on transcriptions of a Funk Master Flex radio show, as realized on a Videonics Video Titlemaker TM-1.





…the show was a bit chaotic, in part by the ad-hoc nature of the BYOB shows, but also by the fact that we were projecting in a gallery space that was already filled with artwork, and that the museum was open for free at the time, so I think for most visitors the fact that there was some sort of guerilla projection show going on was lost in the shuffle. But MOSTLY because there was a free Diplo show in the museum courtyard that night, so it turned out that there was a really good view of the show right if you stood right in front of my piece. So it kind of ended the night being projected on some young lady’s butt. Kind of a good idea for a projection in itself… 😉 But yeah, I’d love to show this piece again in a more controlled environment.

Art @ 11:53 am September 22, 2012